NAT 8 L Nylon plugs long

Rugged nylon plugs with long expansion zones for porous and poor quality base materials

  • Multipurpose quality nylon plugs with longer expansion zones for push-through and pre-installations in solid, perforated and hollow base materials.
  • Strongly pfofiles surface guarantess a good grip in porous and low-quality base materials. Strong wings to prevent rotation and falling out of the drill hole.
  • Suitable for wood and chipboard screws, double threaded screws, adjustable frame screws and other spacing screws.
  • Suitable conditions related to screw material: ZP for dry indoor and temporary outdoor use; HGD/MG and A2 for dry and humid indoor use, outdoor in rural areas only; A4 for indoor, outdoor and industrial use.

Teknik özellikler

Nylon plug long
Uygun koşullar
Dry indoor / Humid indoor, rural outdoor / Outdoor


  • Frames with SKRH
  • Pipe supports with JR
  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Curtain rails
  • TV consoles
  • Electrical installations
  • HVAC and plumbing fixings
  • Sanitary fixings

Temel malzemeler

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  • Hollow light expanded clay aggregate block
  • Light expanded clay aggregate
  • Natural stone
  • Non-cracked concrete
  • Perforated clay brick
  • Perforated sand-lime brick
  • Solid clay brick
  • Solid light expanded clay aggregate block
  • Solid sand-lime brick

NAT 8 L Ürünler

Tip Kod ETA onayı Boyut Uzunluk Matkap delme çapı
NAT 8 L 9640075009 Hayır 8 mm 65 mm 8 mm

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