SDS+ (4-CUT) Drill bits

  • Professional quality 4-cutter drill bit with SDS+ shank especially for reinforced concrete and hard stone.
  • One-piece, solid carbide tip with 4 cutting edges guarantee precise, round holes perfect for safe anchoring.
  • Optimized flute core strength ensures low vibration performance when drilling.
  • Due to optimum tip symmetry the bit is les likely to seize up on hitting reinforced steel.
  • Ecomical and long-lasting. Will drill up to 50 % more holes than ordinary rotary hammer drill bits.

Teknik özellikler

4-cutter drill bit

Temel malzemeler

Ayrıca şunlar için de uygundur
  • Cracked concrete
  • Hollow-core slab
  • Natural stone
  • Non-cracked concrete

SDS+ (4-CUT) Ürünler

Tip Kod ETA onayı Uzunluk Matkap delme çapı Fikstür kalınlığı
5,5x110 9640051754 Hayır 110 mm
5,5x160 9640051755 Hayır 160 mm
6,5x160 9640051762 Hayır 160 mm
10x450 9640051784 Hayır 450 mm
12x160 9640051788 Hayır 160 mm
12x450 9640051792 Hayır 450 mm
6x310 9640051761 Hayır 310 mm
12x310 9640051791 Hayır 310 mm
14x160 9640051796 Hayır 160 mm
14x210 9640051797 Hayır 210 mm

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